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Conference Presentations, Panels, and Academic Papers

May 2018: “Moving from Coloniality to Representational Diversity in Animated Film.” Presented at Reading YA Fiction, 24 May 2018, University of Birmingham, UK.

April 2018: “Intertextuality and intergenerational dialogues in the re-iteration of Disney Classic films.” Presented at the International Symposium on Intergenerational Solidarity in Children’s Literature and Culture, 28 April 2018, Children’s Literature Research Centre, Faculty of Education, University of Cambridge, UK.

September 2017: Lost Voices & Hidden Histories: Expanding the Story of Connecticut

March 2016: “Space for Change: Reshaping Societal Ideals through Liminality in Original Fairy Tales.” Presented at Northeastern Modern Language Association Annual Conference, Fairy Tales in Society and Culture 1: Psychology of Fairy Tales, 18 March 2016, Hartford, CT