BookNotes and FootMarks

BookNotes and FootMarks is a literary journal/pop-culture and current events blog hybrid featuring essays, criticism, and cultural commentary. It was born out of a group of international graduate students trying to recreate their experiences in a decentralized, international space, while coping with losing the space for musing best facilitated by a couple drinks or a cup of tea at the local pub or cafe with people who love to think.

The blog features essays from international writers on topics ranging from music and literature to what it was like to live in Greece during the economic crisis. A portion of the pieces were also published in translation.

After about a year in operation, the decision was made to hold off on new pieces and restructure the site, as the founders struggled to balance the evolving needs of the site across eight time zones. However, the readership has remained constant during its hiatus, and BookNotes and FootMarks can still be pitched.

Questions specific to this project can be directed to It can also be followed on Twitter and Facebook.