Reading Challenges

I moved back to the US from Scotland in December 2014, and found that despite studying literature, I had forgotten how to read for fun, or why I had even loved to read in the first place. While in a transition period, I decided to give myself some structure by setting a goal to read 100 books in 2015; I read over 130. In 2016 I decided to reach higher and set a goal of 150, which I met on New Year’s Eve.

The goal was not about volume, but about training myself to read again as a matter of habit  – not because something was assigned to me. I tracked the journey of both years by documenting my progress on Instagram, writing mini-reviews when they felt warranted, but mostly reflections on why I felt drawn to particular titles, whether old favorites or new discoveries. These are categorized under the following hashtags: #bookfeet #read2016 #fortheloveofthepage #100bookchallenge #100books

Reach out at anytime for a recommendation, or head over to Instagram to browse my reading selection. While no longer aggressively pursuing a reading challenge other than a personal goal set on Goodreads, I am still an avid reader. I am also in the process of writing about this experience in an series of essays.